Car & Vehicle Lifts

The ultimate in Lift luxury

Car Lifts have become increasingly popular as the ideal solution for use in building complexes, garages, car dealerships and homes in busy urban environments. Bourne Lifts offer building planners, architects and home owners greater flexibility in design which can help curb the cost of land in expensive commercial areas and allow for significant space savings.

Our car lifts can be operated from the comfort of your vehicle, using traditional lift buttons, magnetic swipe cards or remote control. The choice is yours!

The perfect solutions

All of Bourne Lifts car lifts are equipped with rescue system that lowers the cabin to closest floor and opens the door in case of outage of electrical power meaning that regardless to direction of travelling, lift will be lowered to closest floor and the door will open so car can be easily driven out. Our lifts can be connected to independent power generator that enables power supply in case of electrical power outage. In such mode lift operates a bit slower but without any changes.

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